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“Works of Andres Chaparro bear a remarkable insight into a cultural phenom from 1950’s and 60’s Expressionist traditions. The phenom, which grew out of historical revelations called Afro-Latino, date back centuries untold yet define his artistic and cultural qualities today. These powerful roots spring-forth across Andres canvas like musical notes of color and theme. From deep within a strong spiritual inner nature Andres Jazz music themes and expressive Liberada Color Schemes inspire audiences with visions of worlds unseen while exploding in his presentation.  It is obvious Andres Chaparro will continue to tell a rhythmic cultural story as this new century unfolds. His art will always be contemporary.”

(Note: Liberada Color Schemes Red, Black, & Green represent world-wide liberation color used in many Third World Liberation Movements)

Walter Allen Bailey
Detroit, Michigan


“It takes a great deal of depth and understanding to communicate this art of improvised music effectively and convincingly in the visual world.  I know, I’ve been trying for the last 35 years as a graphic designer and have not even come close.  Your work has a stunning capacity for imagination and vivid energy that reflects the artist’s individuality through your creative use of movement, color, and mix media, perhaps when the right recording project evolves in the future might contract you for a front cover?  Thank you for all your inspiration.  Damn, said this before you remind me so much of Jackie McLean reincarnated.  Much success and wisdom to you!”

Chris Drukker

Photographer/Graphic Designer

Montclair, NJ


“I must say that your eye is viciously and creatively unapologetic in its application and translation.  That is your beauty!”

Donald Boudreoux 58



“I love art and music in particular jazz and I collect alot; but I won’t exaggerate by saying I never felt such strong connection with the spirit of the artist!  God Bless you; I hope one day I will be able to come to your studio and see your creative process.”

Waleed Al-Omar

Art Collector



“Andres you are a visionary your art is so incredible.  The feelings it brings forth as a music chart; you not only hear but feel.  It brings a curiosity, it has action, movement, as Jive Jumpin Hot Jazz from New Orleans or cool snap your fingers, tap your toes, and bop your head to very cool hip Jazz that captures you.  That’s the emotion I feel as I look at your artistry.  Your art is emotional, daring, and captivating.  Thank you!”

Ralph DeLorso

Windsor, CT


“Andres Chaparro is, in my less-than-humble opinion, a consumate artist.  Which of course means that he will have to be dead a few years before people will truly appreciate his genius!  Unfortunately that is the fate of the artists in our society.  They are the water that is never missed until the well runs dry!  His art is a testimony, not just to his particular medium, but to the medium of music which is often the subject of his paintings.  I am a poet, I understand that words are never what they seek to describe, so do yourself a favor and forget everything I have said as you make your way to one of his exhibits and allow yourself to experience the man and his art.”

Olusanya Bey



“Chaparro’s paintings grab me by the collar and make me feel what I am seeing.  All art should do that – connect the creator and the viewer.”

Jack Lardis
President & Founder
Oil Drum Art


“Andres’ passion for fine jazz shines through all his artwork.  I love the vivid colors he uses to capture the vibrant melodies that likely inspires his artwork.  Whenever I look at Andres work I begin to feel like I am in a cool jazz club.  His is such a unique and refreshing style.”

Chris DeVito



“There is a resurrection happening through your work; your art is a testament, a reminder that we are not dying.  It is not restricted.  It is not imprisoned.”

Nikolay Synkov

Republic of Georgia

Fermata Arts Foundation


“Andres brings his incredible and deep relationship with jazz to the canvases and infuses them with the very essence of the music.  The creative, musical, and spiritual energy and astuteness represented is of the highest caliber.  It is always an honor and pleasure for me, an audience member and consumer, to be in the presence of folks who are “doin it” at the very highest levels of the genere.”

Hampton G. Lewis

Art Collector

Detroit, Michigan


“Bro…I love your art work!  It captures the soul, energy, spirit of us and our music.  God Bless your wonderful talent.”

Ray Vega

International Jazz Recording Artist & Educator


“Your Art Work is an authentic reflection of this improvised music.”

Jonathan Barber

Jazz Drummer


“The Mastery of color and composition is amazing.  The juxtaposition of hues, shapes, and genres is just amazing.  It’s jazz.  Push/Pull.  Advance/Retreat.  Bright color against white spaces; amazing work.”

Harold Smith


Kansas City, Missouri


“Andres Chaparro work captures the passion, blues and intensity of jazz, but each piece also conveys so much history of this music.”

Melissa Walker

Jazz Vocalist, Executive Director, & Founder of Jazz House Kids

Montclair, NJ


“You bless us with your style and grace from the minds eye that is truely essential in art.”

Robert Walker

Los Angelas, CA


“This is like listening & dancing with my eyes!”

Khaiim “Self Suffice” Kelley
Hip-Hop Artist/Poet

“I am loving this, & Rammellzee would love this as well.”

Eric Davis
Hip Hop Non Stop


“I went to his opening and was transported into his world… His paintings are vibrant and musical.  Everything about them speaks of the inspiration of music and how music enters the physical world.  I could feel the brush strokes movement Andres took to manipulate the material.  It was intense energy carefully channeled into overlaying colors and marks.  The natural sense of chaos is evident.  This was a wonderful experience.”

Victor Pacheco


Worcester, MA

“The artwork of Andres Chaparro is bold & expressive, as the past is woven beautifully with the present.  Fantastic!”

Javon Jackson
Jazz Musician, Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

“New favorite artist!”

Jessica Eileen
Photographer, Graphic Designer


“For many years Andres Chaparro has been a champion for arts and culture within our greater Hartford community.  He is the areas leader for artistic and cultural events and activities.  He produces on-going art and musical productions which are always heart warming and culturally uplifting.  He is Greater Hartford’s cultural leader and favorite son.  We are truly blessed to have this cultural champion within our community.”

James Nealy

Bloomfield, Connecticut


“Andres Chaparro is a class act all of the way.  He is well-known in the Hartford, CT. area and beyond, for his positive energy that gives birth to all kinds of progressive arts projects that speak to the people.”

Jill Friedman

Artist, Educator


“For the past decade Andres Chaparro has been a vital staple in the imporvement of the quality of arts and culture in the City of Hartford and Connecticut at large.  Furthermore he has been instrumental in helping Hartford establish a clearer identity.  Any initiative this man touches turns to gold.”

Lummie Spann

Jazz Musician

New York, NY


“There’s In Living Color…and Then There’s You, Living In Color.  Ride On, Andres.”

Georgette Yaindl

Kailva-Kona, Hawaii


Three Sides of Monk captured your true artistry in what I/We were looking for in a commission.  Your passion for jazz is truly reflected in your unique and most expressive style.  Looking forward to many solo exhibits and sing and celebrate yourself…”

Ed Centeno

Commissioned “Three Sides of Monk” painting


“I love your work… may you be blessed to stay in the light as the colors you paint… It speaks volumes.  Peace & Blessings!

Miah Leslie

Director of Art’s & Education/Gallery EOYCC


“Chaparro’s spontaneous, red-hot choruses with his instruments of brush and palette are striking, compelling illustrations of the vibrant links between sound and image.”

Owen McNally

Hartford Courant, Jazz Journalist


“I just want to say that your vision is amazing and illuminating.  I tip my hat to your genius creativity!”

Carmen Britt


“Great work! – you have set yourself free”.

Darryl Oates


“I am a true admirer of your work.  Just awe inspiring.”

Geri Pettis

Chicago, Ill


“You are a JEWEL Holmes!  I’m so proud to be your friend.”

Dezron Douglas
Jazz Musician


“Love your work and your ability to see so deep in the music through color concept.  Your knowledge of the history and understanding of jazz makes you unique. You have help put Hartford on the map through Jackie McLean who I see and feel whenever I see you.  I would love a concert with you creating (painting) live for the audience, let’s take the next step.”

Nat Reeves

HARTT School of Music, Educator

Jackie McLean Quintet


“A HUMBLE dude with FIRE works…”

Belize Multiversal



“Beautiful show, and amazing art. As a well-known musician said upon walking into the gallery, “this cat is b-a-d” meaning you Andres.”

Susan Rand Brown
Art Collector


“Andres your art involves all five (5) senses.  Your paintings emit jazz sounds, lovely smell of wild/improvisations.  Musical instruments shine, air moves, and as an artist you are unique.”

Halina Witek-Tylcynsk



“I love the story in Andres work – the joy, the sound and the story.”

Freddie McInerney
Curator, Theatre Works Gallery


“Andres your work is a panorama of color and also a communion to the love of music.”

Margaux Modimo


“Wow!  I love them – beautiful colors about beautiful people and American classical music!”

Leo Snow



Yannis Livadas




“Amazing work! You’re killing it Andres!”

Christina Dezenyuy


“Andres- your artwork is amazing!”

Erica von Kleist
Jazz Musician

“Thank you so much, Brother, and all the best with your continued artistic endeavors as well.

?Daniel Beaty
Award winning actor, singer, writer, and composer


“I am blown away, very, very expressive, your art is great.”

Ken Laster


“Amazing Pieces!

Ron Perez


“Me Encanta!”

Veronica Velez
Producer and Artist manager


“Andres, you amaze me with your talent.”

Marianne Yarborough
Art Enthusiast


“The ART is phucking insane!!!”

Iyaba Ibo


“Andres, your work is beautiful…Thank you for putting it up for us to see.”

Anne Cubberly


“Where is your Studio?  I own a recording studio and your work would fit right on my wall… Inspiring!”

Canuck Sosay
Music Producer


“You and Jazz is true love. I like so many of these.”

Gary Jacobs


“They are all beautiful!”

Leticia Cotto
Art Enthusiast


“Like MAGIC!”

Ann Levie
Art Enthusiast


“Excellent piece of ART!!!!!”

Luis Roman
Art Enthusiast



Tamara Diaz



Joe Sam


“Andres, your artwork is great!”

Luisella Rivera

Art Enthusiast


“Love them! When are we doing your show?”

Melissa Tompkins Jones
Vernon Arts Center Gallery


“Hombre!  Que Colores y que fuerza en el disenado!”

Jose Francisco Pedroso

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


“I love your work, Andres; very inspiring.  Your work consistently moves me from a deep place in you.”

Warren Byrd
Jazz Musician


“Beautiful Work Andres!!!! Your Awesome Bro!!!”

Olusanya Bey


“Feast for the eyes Andres…congrats”

Margaux Hayes


“It is awesome to see your artwork….Look forward to the opening in Rhode Island”

Paul Mercado


“Powerful and beautiful!”

Amy Mielke


“Powerful art my brother, I dig it much!”

James Nealy



Jay Hricko
Art Curator


“It’s work that communicates and touches. YES!!”

John Graham
Art Patron


“Fantastic artistry!  Your work deserves to be shared with the world!”

Alvin Abu Carter


“An amazing artist with a deep body of work that expresses not only jazz music but the history, culture and tradition that is the foundation of this art form.”

Ken Laster
WWUH, 91.3fm, Jazz DJ


“Andres is a very talented and creative mind…I visited many of his shows and always TOP NOTCH!”

Joe Sam

Internaional Artist

San Francisco, CA